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Most of us can agree that being looked up to is a great feeling, whether you are in a direct leadership position or not. Acquiring leadership skills not only helps and motivates those around you, it also nurtures your ability to be self-sufficient. As societal norms change, so do our opinions on what qualities make a good leader. However, a trait that seems to consistent hold up is curiosity. Most people might not think of this straight away when asked what makes a good leader but the ability to approach situations from a place of curiosity allows for flexibility, innovative thinking, and comfort within the unknown.

As we continue to evolve, it is becoming more and more important to adopt curiosity. Our society is needing to find solutions to problems that are requiring out of the box thinking and this is where the curious individual can thrive. Being open to explore more ideas will offer more solutions.

Our workforce and society shows a strong need for diversity. The more diverse a group becomes, however, the more conflict it can experience. Approaching a situation with curiosity can more easily diffuse conflict as it is an approach that is open to all possibilities, allowing the truth to surface without judgment interfering. You are more likely to shift perspective by asking questions like: What is this person experiencing right now? What is it like to be in their shoes? Why do they think this way? Finding the answers to these questions can lead to conflict resolution and greater understanding as to why someone is the way they are. This establishes deeper and more meaningful relationships.

Being open to new ideas and perspectives allows for the people around you to feel comfortable expressing things they may not feel comfortable expressing around others. It also inspires others to be open to hearing new ideas that may have been too different for them to entertain before.

A good leader always inspires one to better themselves. Curiosity forces you to think beyond yourself- and motivates others to do the same. This kind of mentality has the power to positively change communities and businesses.