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A sales team is the life of an organization. They are the ones that bring in the business revenue and are necessary for a company’s overall success. The question is, how do you effectively motivate the team to keep sales growing? Here are a few practical ways to get the job done.


Hands down, money is the ultimate motivator. If you aren’t already, start offering monthly or quarterly incentives based off sales goals and targets. Sweetening the pot will kick the team into overdrive, and in turn, bring in more money for the company. You can also shake things up by rewarding the sales executive that works the hardest. Hard work and effort does pay off and everyone needs to be motivated to keep pushing. You’ll have everyone in the office working in overdrive for a little extra money.


Money is not the only thing that motivates a sales team. Transparency, believe it or not, is a source of motivation. If leadership is open and direct about the direction of the company or sales initiatives, it can make all the difference. Open communication does not guarantee that every sales executive will agree with the decisions made, but they will be onboard knowing the rationale. This kind of transparency also cultivates a sense of community. When leadership can be open, the sales team naturally has more of a say or the ability to openly express their opinions. Nothing is more motivating than working together towards a common goal.

Public Appreciation

Who doesn’t enjoy hearing that their hard work is appreciated? Your sales team is no exception. An easy way to put this in action is to carve out time during monthly sales meetings to publically recognize exceptional work. It doesn’t always have to be the largest sale. Feel free to recognize big saves, a breakthrough with a difficult prospect, or an influx in new business. What you decide to highlight doesn’t matter, the important part is letting team members know their work is recognized.

Efficient Meetings

Meeting efficiency has more of an impact on the sales team than you may understand. Overuse of meetings is a common complaint among sales teams. Bogging the team down with meetings can very well zap them of time away from selling. In order to keep spirits high, only conduct meetings when absolutely necessary. Your team will thank you and so will your bottom line.