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Greg Shnerer’s analytical expertise provides the insight necessary to evaluate key business drivers and adapt appropriately.


Greg Shnerer has a profound understanding of the North American financial, retail, consumer, supply chain and transportation markets.


Greg Shnerer has proven himself to be a master of budgeting, forecasting, and P&L management.

About Greg Shnerer

Greg Shnerer is an accomplished supply chain executive with a diverse management skill set that spans sales, marketing, operations, and finance. A high-impact leader, Greg has designed and executed growth strategies across a number of industries. Greg leverages this experience to ensure best-in-class client service, building and maintaining key partnerships as well as driving sales, profit, and market share.

An energetic and engaged presence, Greg Shnerer has overseen teams for over ten years in sales, marketing, and strategic planning. He has a profound understanding of the North American financial, retail, consumer, supply chain, and transportation markets. His analytical expertise provides the insight necessary to evaluate key business drivers and adapt appropriately to produce success in even the most challenging of situations.

Currently Greg Shnerer serves as Vice President of Corporate Strategy and is on the executive team at TRAFFIX in Ontario, Canada. Greg specializes in high-level strategies to grow sales and market share within the company. He is a key factor in recruiting for the company, offering his insight into corporate and in-house recruiting. Greg offers his strategic approach to improve marketing and branding at the corporate level. He creates marketing budgets to not only optimize sales, but to grow revenue internally all while positively improving brand awareness. Greg’s expertise in profit and loss management is integral to the strategies he offers to improve the numerous facilities across Canada, USA and Mexico within the company.

He previously acted as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, in which Greg Shnerer led teams of high performance sales and operations personnel. Greg actively mentored sales leaders and fostered a dynamic culture and working environment for his office. Through his management expertise, his teams were able to show growth month after month with very little turnover and high customer retention. He also successfully created business marketing and branding initiatives.

Greg volunteers on several boards and acts as a mentor for students that are in the midst of attaining their CCLP (supply chain and logistics) designation.

Over the years, Greg Shnerer served in a number of different leadership capacities. He started in transportation in 2007, at which time he supervised more than 700 drivers and oversaw road operations network-wide. In two short years, he became a National Account Manager, wherein he mentored and groomed new Account Managers, in addition to establishing an Inside Sales team. Greg was responsible for a combined portfolio of wholesale and retail customers totaling more than $80 million.

Within a few years, Greg accepted a position as Director of Regional Sales and New Business Development. Greg revolutionized the sales cycle, as well as improved service expectations and customer management standards. He also assisted in developing the firm’s business plan and new products.

Greg trained leadership companywide on the new Salesforce CRM for Sales and Marketing. Further, he implemented proactive measures to improve contract renewals that included price escalations and volume commitments. In accomplishing this, he also cemented long-term partnerships with key customers by providing sustainable supply chain management solutions. He secured business with major names across the North American Market.

Greg Shnerer holds a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies degree with a concentration in business management, finance, and accounting from the University of Western Ontario. He is fluent in English, French, and Russian.

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