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Greg Shnerer’s analytical expertise provides the insight necessary to evaluate key business drivers and adapt appropriately.


Greg Shnerer has a profound understanding of the North American financial, retail, consumer, supply chain and transportation markets.


Greg Shnerer has proven himself to be a master of budgeting, forecasting, and P&L management.

About Greg Shnerer

Greg Shnerer is an accomplished supply chain executive with a diverse management skill set that spans sales, marketing, operations, and finance. A high-impact leader, Greg has designed and executed growth strategies across a number of industries. Greg leverages this experience to ensure best-in-class client service, building and maintaining key partnerships as well as driving sales, profit, and market share.

An energetic and engaged presence, Greg Shnerer has overseen a diverse range of complex teams in sales, marketing, and strategic planning for over a decade. Originating with his profound understanding of the North American financial, retail, consumer, supply chain, and transportation markets, Greg’s analytical expertise provides the necessary insight to evaluate key business drivers and adapt to unexpected, stress-inducing stimuli. His comprehensive knowledge-base, coupled with a strong desire to exceed expectations, further solidifies his ability to achieve success in even the direst of circumstances.

Greg Shnerer currently serves as a member of the executive team at TRAFFIX in Ontario, Canada where his title is Vice President of Corporate Strategy. Specializing in creating and analyzing high-level strategies, Greg’s keen insights help to improve sales revenue and market sharing while maintaining and enhancing the company’s already reputable brand. A strong background in profit and loss management, integrated with a penchant for international business, helps Shnerer to implement powerful and effective strategies across Canada, Mexico, and the United States. When he’s not working to boost TRAFFIX to the next level of corporate success, he actively assists in recruiting and retaining quality employees and customers.

Prior to obtaining his current role, Greg Shnerer led several teams comprised of high-performance sales and operations personnel as TRAFFIX’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He actively nurtured and mentored sales leaders in an effort to pass on his considerable skills and create a positive yet dynamic company culture. Frequently, Greg’s teams demonstrated consistent sales growth from month to month. Under his leadership, his teams enjoyed a high customer retention rate and very little employee turnover.

Outside of work, Greg continues to develop and define his leadership skills by volunteering on several boards and mentoring industry professionals. Specifically, Shnerer is an instrumental resource for students working with the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation to become Certified Logistics Professionals— a well-respected designation indicated by the call letters “CCLP.”

Greg Shnerer acquired his various leadership skills and business acumen over the course of a ten+ year career in the transportation industry. He began in 2007 by overseeing network-wide road operations for a fleet of more than 700 drivers under his supervision. In as little as two years he would progress to National Account Manager, a position that enabled Greg to mentor and groom novice account managers eager to follow in his footsteps. In addition to his various coaching duties, Shnerer was also responsible for establishing an inside sales team and managing a vast portfolio of wholesale and retail clients with a net worth of more than $80 million. When it was time to implement a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, he worked tirelessly to train leadership companywide on this new initiative and platform.

Greg Shnerer excelled in his role as National Account Manager for several years. Feeling that it was time for him to continue his professional growth, he accepted a position as a Director of Regional Sales and New Business Development. It was here that he really began to demonstrate his capacity for strategic planning and implementation. Greg revolutionized the company sales cycle, improved service standards, and refined client management practices.

Never one for complacency, Shnerer regularly assisted in developing company products and service offerings. Furthermore, Greg cemented long-term partnerships with critical clients without sacrificing revenue by executing contract renewals that included price escalations and volume commitments for supply chain management solutions— a feat that enabled him to secure sustainable business from high-profile brands across the North American market.

Greg Shnerer is fluent in English, French, and Russian, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Western Ontario where he majored in Management and Organizational Studies with concentrations in Business Management, Finance, and Accounting. He also holds the professional CCLP designation from the Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation.

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