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Those not immersed within the sales world often have a warped view of what it’s really like to be an account manager. Many people carry around common misconceptions about careers in sales and the overall selling process. The list below targets some of the most frequently heard myths and debunks them.

Anyone can be in sales

Many people believe that sales is about “schmoozing” and being persistent until the client breaks down and says yes. This could not be further from the truth. Sales executives are highly trained and skilled individuals who take pride in their work. They also value the relationships they build. Taking on a sales job requires commitment to the product and an even larger commitment to the customer.

This brings us to the next myth.

The customer is always right

In order to debunk this one, we need to look at what we mean when saying the customer is always right. We hear this a lot in any customer based service, but we rarely look at it for what it is. The customers are not always right, which does not mean they are wrong, they simply need to be educated. Great sales executives possess the ability to educate a client about what services or products will best suit their needs. Those in sales form a relationship with a client that sets them up as the expert and guide the client to the best fit for them.

Everyone is your customer

This is a common misconception and it simply is not true. Not every business is going to be your customer. There are many reasons as to why this is a myth. The client may not have room in their budget for your product or service. They may not have a specific need for your product either. The only people who are your customers are the ones who you have personally qualified that fit what you are offering.

Qualified leads should be the only thing filling your sales funnel. Sales executives will spend less time fighting objections if they are able to accurately qualify their leads.

Top performers are the best closers

Top performers do not get there by being the best closers. They get there by being the best relationship builders. Of course, you need to know when and how to close a sale, but most sales do not even get to that point without building a rapport. In order to become a top performer, the business needs to buy into you and your expertise before they buy the product or service. Top performing sales executes are knowledgeable, can answer most questions with authority and integrity, and are there to help the customer solve problems.

Extroverts are better sales executive than introverts

Extroverts may be the most outgoing at networking events and can chat anyone’s ear off about most topics, but that does not always mean they will be better at closing sales. A large part of the job involves analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. Many introverts are extremely analytical by nature. They observe first and then act accordingly. This is an excellent skill to have when looking for creative solutions to tough problems.

Sales is a dead end job

This is probably the largest misconception about sales. People outside of the sales world do not understand the opportunities and skills you gain as a sales executive. There are many entrepreneurs who were sales executives or have a natural ability to sell products. In order to start a business from the ground up, they had to sell their ideas to investors. Working in sales opens up many career growth opportunities and allows mobility to work in any industry through transferable skills that cannot be taught.