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Greg Shnerer: Effective Management That Will result in Sales Growth


Sales people are quick, easy and the primary targets when quotas aren’t met, regardless of what else might be going on in the background. Often times, lack of guidance from management, no transparency, poor and ineffective coaching are the primary factors behind weak sales performance and lack of new business development.

You Are Only as Good as Your team

This saying remains true in many sales environments through a variety of industries. Sales people and account managers are your company’s front line interactions with customers. They are responsible for building and owning client relationships and are heavily relied on to help grow the business. As an executive and leader, you are only going to be as good as your sales team. Truly understanding this will drive decisions that ultimately benefit the entire team and the greater good of the company. Instead of solely focusing on personal goals and gains, the best leaders will ensure their team is priority and are willing to go to bat for them day in and day out. When your team begins to recognize these efforts and your passion for making them better, they will be more inclined to make the company and you look better. They will be motivated to sell more, will begin to build momentum and start hitting/outpacing targets.

Be Transparent

“High Level” meetings amongst management isn’t always a secret and something that needs to remain at the top. Often times, strategy sessions and decision making meetings need to be dissected and shared with each leader’s respective teams. There are many exceptions and confidential information that cannot and should not be shared. However, the more confidence you instill in your team by keeping them up to date with the direction of the company, the higher payoff it can bring. Don’t portray the image that the management team is above everyone by never sharing vital ideas and visions for the company. The key is ensuring this information is presented in a positive light and in such a manner that would ultimately benefit the team. If they understand more about where the company is heading and what the expectations from everyone are, they are already in a better position to successfully execute their part.

Don’t Stop Coaching

Be there for your sales people – both junior and senior. Ensure you make yourself available for important customer calls and meetings. Great management support will resonate internally and externally. Your support and true mentorship will guide business growth and allow for your sales team to continually pick up good habits, strong selling techniques and know that they can rely on your support when needed. Keep engaging your sales team with group and individual meetings. Learn to coach each sales person differently, while allowing ideas to flow during team meetings. Customers also value management involvement in their business so they know that they have ongoing support from the top down. You need to distinguish yourself from the competition, and what better way than to sell and build relationships at all levels.